​​​​​​​​​​​Managing Fertility in Drip-Irrigated Processing Tomatoes​​​​

April 2012 | 22 min., 38 sec.
by Timothy K. Hartz
University of California, Davis


This presentation outlines the fundamentals of fertilizer management for drip-irrigated processing tomato production. Management aspects covered include crop nutrient uptake dynamics, soil fertility testing, choice of fertilizer products, fertigation scheduling, and monitoring of crop nutrient status.

About the Presenter

Timothy K. Hartz​Timothy K. Hartz obtained graduate degrees in horticulture from Colorado State University (MS, 1977) and Virginia Tech (PhD, 1980). He worked for 8 years with the vegetable industry in Texas, both in private industry and as an Extension Specialist with Texas A&M University. Since 1988 Dr. Hartz has been an Extension Specialist with the University of California, focusing on soil fertility and irrigation issues; in that capacity, he has worked closely with the processing tomato industry as it has transitioned from furrow to drip irrigation.​

Contact Information:
Email: tkhartz@ucdavis.edu


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