​​​​Managing Perennial Weeds in Tomatoes

April 2013 | 47 min., 48 sec.
by Steve Weller
Purdue University


The presentation will address weed types, problem perennial weeds, and techniques available for managing perennial weeds. Emphasis will be on site preparation, elimination of perennial weeds before tomato crop planting, and methods to manage perennial weeds in the tomato crop. Although cultural methods are available and will be mentioned, emphasis will be on chemical tools for perennial weed management. Discussion will include perennial weed management in rotation crops, especially agronomic crops, for which there are many more tools available for chemical management.

About the Presenter

Steve WellerSteve Weller has earned degrees at Central Michigan University (BS Biology), The Ohio State University (MS Horticulture/Pomology), and North Carolina State University (PhD Horticulture/Weed Science). He has been on the faculty of Purdue’s Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture since 1980. His appointment includes research, teaching, and Extension responsibilities in weed science, pest management, and vegetable cropping systems, including organic. His areas of specialization include research on and implementation of integrated crop and pest management production systems with emphasis on weed science for vegetable crops; investigating mechanisms of weed resistance to herbicides; development of tissue culture systems to study plant responses to herbicides; and in vitro regeneration and transformation systems for crop improvement. Dr. Weller has been active in international work on pest management and cropping systems development and pest management training in Central America, Mexico, Africa, and Ukraine.

Contact Information:
Email: weller@purdue.edu


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