​What’s Wrong with My Tomatoes? Lesson 1: Buckeye Rot

September 2020 | 6 min., 56 sec.
by Rebecca A. Melanson
Mississippi State University


​​Buckeye rot is one of a number of diseases that can affect tomatoes. This oomycete disease, caused by various species in the genus Phytophthora, affects tomato fruits and is common during periods of warm, wet weather. Topics discussed in this presentation include the basics of disease development (the disease triangle) and buckeye rot development, signs and symptoms, and management strategies. Although resources specific to Mississippi and the southeastern United States are mentioned, additional resources relevant to specific states and/or regions may be available. Local state Extension offices can provide additional information and state- or region-specific resources.

About the Presenter

Rebecca A. Melanson ​​Rebecca A. Melanson is an assistant Extension professor and plant pathologist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service. Her area of specialty is diseases of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Dr. Melanson has a BS degree in biology from Centenary College of Louisiana and MS and PhD degrees in plant health with an emphasis in plant pathology from Louisiana State University (LSU). Her previous positions have included research associate at the LSU AgCenter Pecan Research Extension Station and graduate research assistant in the LSU Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology.

Contact Information:
Email: rebecca.melanson@msstate.edu


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