​​​Tomato Diseases Favored by High Tunnel Greenhouses

December 2014 | 28 min., 17 sec.
by Judson Reid
Cornell University


This presentation will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners in the northern United States understand how high tunnels favor certain tomato diseases and how to successfully manage these diseases. Brown leaf mold, Tobacco mosaic virus, and Fusarium wilt of tomatoes are used as examples of how the unique environment of a high tunnel creates management challenges. Varietal resistance, grafting, fungicide applications, and rotations are considered, concluding with the intersection of best management practices across diseases. Participants will learn what and what not to do to grow a healthy tomato crop in a high tunnel.

About the Presenter

Judson Reid​​ Judson Reid is a Senior Extension Associate with the Cornell Vegetable Program. In this position, he manages a series of research and education projects thro​ughout New York State for greenhouse, high tunnel, and field production of fresh market vegetables. Judson is involved in the evaluation of grafting on tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplants; biological pest control; new cropping techniques; and low-temperature pest management concerns. An extensive network of private farm cooperators enhances his effective research and demonstration program. Current projects examine the viability of grafting of cucumbers for cold soil hardiness, biological insect control in low temperature settings for mixed greens crops, PAR and yield influence of multistory cropping, as well as variety evaluations. Judson has earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University in agriculture.​

Contact Information:
Email: jer11@cornell.edu


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