​​Factors Influencing Wheat Streak Mosaic Outbreaks in Kansas

December 2018 | 14 min.
by Erick De Wolf
Kansas State University


​This presentation begins with a brief introduction to wheat streak mosaic and then answers three key questions: Why are we concerned about this disease? What factors contribute to the development of disease outbreaks? and What can be done to reduce the risk of severe yield losses? Viewing this presentation will help consultants, county agents, and growers in the U.S. Great Plains understand the role of weather in outbreaks of wheat streak mosaic and reduce the risk of this troublesome disease.

About the Presenter

Erick De WolfErick De Wolf is a professor in the Department of Plant Pathology at Kansas State University, where he serves as an extension plant pathologist specializing in diseases of wheat and other small grains. Erick received a PhD in plant pathology from North Dakota State University in 2000 and was a post-doctoral researcher at The Ohio State University/OARDC in Wooster. He began his faculty career at The Pennsylvania State University in 2001, where he was an extension plant pathologist covering all field and forage crops, and he began his current position at Kansas State University in 2007. Erick’s research interests include plant disease epidemiology and disease management. He is particularly interested in the relationship between weather and disease epidemics and the development of disease forecasting systems.​

Contact Information:
Email: dewolf1@ksu.edu

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​This webcast was supported by funds provided through the United States Department of Agriculture, USDA-NIFA grant number 2013-68004-20358.


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