​​Bt Resistance: Impacts and Updates

March 2022 | 20 min.
by Jeff Gore
Mississippi State University

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​​This presentation on Bt resistance begins by reviewing data from resistance surveys and resistance inheritance tests. Discussion continues on bollworm damage, the evolution of bollworm resistance to Bt traits, temporal emergence of bollworm, and bollworm moth control.​

About the Presenter

Jeff GoreJeff Gore is currently an Associate Extension/Research Professor at Mississippi State University in the Delta Research and Extension Center at Stoneville, Mississippi. He previously worked as a Research Entomologist with USDA-ARS in Stoneville from 2002 to 2007. He received his BS in Entomology/Integrated Pest Management from Auburn University in 1995. He received his MS in Entomology from Louisiana State University in 1999 and his PhD in Entomology from Louisiana State in 2002.​

Contact Information:
Email: jgore@drec.msstate.edu


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