​​​Role of Consultants in Preserving Insecticidal Technology

March 2013 | 15 min., 50 sec.
by Chris Sansone
Bayer CropScience

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Producers and their consultants continue to fight an ongoing battle with insect pests. New tools including genetically modified crops and insecticides are continuously being evaluated and brought to the market by the crop protection industry to manage traditional pests such as tarnished plant bugs and new pests like the kudzu bug. Resistance is a constant threat to these new products and the management of insect resistance is an important part of the consultant’s role. Preserving insecticidal technology goes beyond the basics of good practices. One of the biggest tasks for the consultant is to find the best source of information. Producers and consultants are constantly bombarded with different messages with some of the messages conflicting. It is estimated that Google searches 1 trillion distinct URLs and that Wikipedia has over 2 million articles. The consultant that can separate the useful information from the different messages will have the greatest value to the producer.​

About the Presenter

Chris SansoneChris Sansone is a Global Regulatory Affairs Manager for Bayer CropScience. He specializes in insect resistance management.​

Contact Information:
Email: chris.sansone@bayer.com


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