​​Irrigation Management: An Engineer’s Perspective

March 2013 | 27 min., 24 sec.
by H. C. Pringle, III
Mississippi State University

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​This presentation discusses the use of a couple of commercially available wireless soil moisture systems that were placed on-farm in a cotton irrigation initiation demonstration project. An overview of the types of soil moisture sensors that lend themselves to remote soil moisture monitoring and the different types of wireless communication systems were given. Discussion of installation, setup, connectivity and problems that occurred with the systems used in this project will give a background of what is involved for those interested in these type systems. Additionally, discussion of the type of data output from each system and the results from the project will further increase the understanding of the data obtained and its benefits. Finally, an overview is given of the need for irrigation scheduling and water conservation.

About the Presenter

H. C. Pringle, IIIH. C. Pringle, III is an Associate Agricultural Engineer at Mississippi State University. He is located at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, Mississippi.​

Contact Information:
Email: lpringle@drec.msstate.edu


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