​​Sulfur Nutrition in Row Crops

March 2019 | 34 min., 14 sec.
by Ross Bender
The Mosaic Company

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​The focus of this presentation is to review sulfur (S) basics among row crops, what our current system of S management looks like, and what innovative tools exist to manage S. We will review the differences between “sulfate” and “elemental” sulfur and how simultaneously supplying both enhances the ability to ensure season-long S availability. MicroEssentials fertilizer will be used as an example to illustrate the importance of season-long S supply.

About the Presenter

Ross BenderRoss Bender is a Sr. Agronomist for The Mosaic Company. His responsibilities include educating and training internal and external sales forces on Mosaic premium products and balanced crop nutrition. Prior to joining Mosaic, he received a BS in Crop Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, and MS and PhD in Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois. Ross has used his training, education and research experience to interactively share cutting-edge plant nutrition knowledge across hundreds of retailer and producer audiences.​

Contact Information:
Email: ross.bender@mosaicco.com


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