​Cotton Board 2021 Update​

April 2021 | 16 min., 16 sec.
by Shelley Heinrich
The Cotton Board

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​This presentation begins with a review of the responsibilities of The Cotton Board, Cotton Incorporated, and the USDA in the Cotton Research and Promotion Program. Next, discussion focuses on The Cotton Board's funding of Cotton Incorporated and Cotton Incorporated programs to engage with cotton producers, such as producer tours and Cotton & Coffee sessions. Further updates are provided on Cotton Incorporated, including its response to COVID-19 and goal of rebuilding cotton's supply chain, Cotton Cultivated program, microplastic and microfiber research, marketing support, and STEM-based teaching kits. The presentation concludes with a review of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, which is designed to strengthen the cotton industry's market opportunities by documenting U.S. cotton producers' commitment to sustainable production and the industry's progress toward 10-year sustainability goals.

About the Presenter

Shelley HeinrichShelley Heinrich is the Southern Plains Regional Communication Manager for The Cotton Board. The primary roles of the Cotton Board are to oversee the cotton research and promotion program and to communicate to producers the program activities carried out by Cotton Incorporated. Shelley's job is to communicate to producers about activities and accomplishments through the cotton research and promotion program. Her area covers Kansas, Oklahoma, and northern Texas.​​

Contact Information:
Email: sheinrich@cottonboard.org


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