Soil Health & Fertility Research Update

May 2023 | 25 mins., 39 sec.
by Henry Y. Sintim
University of Georgia

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​In the first of two presentations on soil fertility at the 2023 Georgia Cotton Commission Annual Meeting, Henry Y. Sintim, University of Georgia Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Specialist, presents findings from studies on integrated soil health management, adaptive nutrition, and inoculant assessment. (See the second presentation by Glen Harris, University of Georgia Extension Agronomist.)

About the Presenter

​Henry Y. Sintim ​Henry Y. Sintim​ is an assistant professor and state Extension specialist in soil science at the University of Georgia. His program focuses on adaptive nutrient management strategies to increase the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of crops with minimal ecological footprints. Sintim also researches innovative soil health assessment strategies and regenerative agricultural frameworks that integrate seamlessly into existing farming systems while minimizing soil disturbance and promoting the build-up of soil organic matter and biodiversity.

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