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One of the most difficult decisions growers make in a growing season is whether to accept or replace a cotton stand.

Shawn Butler, The University of Tennessee, identifies factors to consider in evaluating an emerged stand and managing a replanted field, along with advancements that may improve replant decision making and yield potential.

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Randy No​rton​, ​The University of Arizona, June​​ ​2021​

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Guy D. ​Collins, NC State University​, March 2021​

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Tom Barber, University of Arkansas​, March 2021

​Rate and Timing of N-P-K Applications on Cotton in the Southeast​
Glen Harris, University of Georgia, February 2021​​​​​

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Seth Byrd, Steve Brown, Hunter Frame, and Randy Norton, June​​​ ​2021​

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Seth Byrd, Tyson Raper, Bill Robertson, Brian Pieralisi, and Matt Foster​, May​​ ​2021​

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Seth Byrd, Tyson B. Raper, and Scott D. Stewart​, May​​ ​2021​

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Seth Byrd, Tyson B. Raper, Guy Collins, and Murilo Maeda, May​​ ​2021​

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Seth Byrd, Tyson B. Raper, Bill Robertson, Keith Edmisten, and Ben McKnight​​, April​ ​2021​

​Cotton Specialists Corner - Trailer
Seth Byrd and Tyson B. Raper​​, April​ ​2021​

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