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Precision agriculture is a management tool that growers can use to maintain farm profitability while mitigating environmental woes, such as climate change and water quality challenges.

Lori Duncan discusses how to acquire, assess, and use data to increase farming sustainability.

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​Influence of Precision Agriculture on Sustainability
Lori Duncan​

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Cover Crops in Semi-Arid Cotton Systems: Where Do I Begin?​
Paul DeLaune​​​

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​Influence of Precision Agriculture on Sustainability​​
Lori Duncan, The University of Tennessee, December ​​​​​​2021​

​USDA Cotton Classification and the Efforts Used to Ensure Integrity and Accuracy​​
Darryl Earnest, USDA, AMS, Cotton & Tobacco Program, September ​​​​​2021​

​Side-Dress Nitrogen Management in Cotton Production Systems
Audrey Gamble, Auburn University​​, July​​​ ​2021​

​Irrigation Management Strategies
Drew M. Gholson, Mississippi State University​​, June​​ ​2021​

​Aphid Management in Southeast Cotton​
Phillip Roberts, University of Georgia​, June​​ ​2021​

​Effects of Heat Stress on Cotton Production in the Low Deserts of Arizona​
Randy No​rton​, ​The Univers​ity of Arizona, June​​ ​2021​ ​

Cotton Specialists Corner Podcast​

Episode 14 - Using and Interpreting Variety Trial Data
Seth Byrd, Bill Robertson, Camp Hand, and Tyson Raper​, December​​​​​ ​2021​

Episode 13 - The Effects of Weathering
Seth Byrd, Steve Brown, Camp Hand, Brian Pieralisi, and Tyson Raper​, October​​​​ ​2021​

Episode 12 - Late Season Variety Trends​​
Seth Byrd, Ben McKnight, Randy Norton, and Bill Robertson​, October​​​​ ​2021​

Episode 11 - Harvest Aids (Part 2)​​
Seth Byrd, Guy Collins, Matt Foster, and Tyler Sandlin​, September​​​​ ​​2021​

Episode 10 - Harvest Aids (Part 1)
Seth Byrd, Steve Brown, Camp Hand, and Bill Robertson​, September​​​​ ​​2021​

Episode 9 - Fiber Quality
Seth Byrd, Keith Edmisten, Bob Hutmacher, and Tyson Raper​, August​​​​ ​2021​

Episode 8 - Southwest Update
Seth Byrd, Randy Norton, Ben McKnight, and Murilo Maeda, August​​​​ ​2021​

​Episode 7 - Variety Characteristics and Other Mid-Season Tips
Seth Byrd, Stu Duncan, Keith Edmisten, and Brian Pieralisi, July​​​​ ​2021​

​Episode 6 - PGR Strategies for 2021​​
Seth Byrd, Camp Hand, Bob Hutmacher, and Tyler Sandlin​, June​​​ ​2021​

​Episode 5 - In-Season Nitrogen Applications
Seth Byrd, Steve Brown, Hunter Frame, and Randy Norton, June​​​ ​2021​

​Episode 4 - Mid-South Planting Update
Seth Byrd, Tyson Raper, Bill Robertson, Brian Pieralisi, and Matt Foster​, May​​ ​2021​

​Episode 3 - Thrips Pressure​
Seth Byrd, Tyson B. Raper, and Scott D. Stewart​, May​​ ​2021​

​Episode 2 - Replant Decisions
Seth Byrd, Tyson B. Raper, Guy Collins, and Murilo Maeda, May​​ ​2021​

​Episode 1 - Planting Preparations​
Seth Byrd, Tyson B. Raper, Bill Robertson, Keith Edmisten, and Ben McKnight​​, April​ ​2021​

​Cotton Specialists Corner - Trailer
Seth Byrd and Tyson B. Raper​​, April​ ​2021​

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